We manufacture Espero valves with the seal mechanism using Espero Ring Packing uniquely developed on the basis of Ichinose’s rich experience in different fields to handle all states and conditions. <Espero> means "hope" in Esperanto.
Espero valves consist of piston valves, gate valves, and ball valves with standard and special types to meet every need as highly anticipated valves.

Espero valves are proven products that have been continuously used for many years with the following advantages:

  1. Most suitable for fluid containing solids (slurry, powder, particles, etc.)
  2. Construction for providing complete sealing utilizing contact pressure (pressure acting on contact surfaces of parts) between the ring packing and valve disc.
  3. Even if leakage from the valve seat occurs, the increase of the contact pressure between the ring packing and the valve disc recovers sealing performance for continuous use.
  4. The replacement of the consumable ring packing with a new one allows continuous use of the valve.
    • Easy maintenance and long life.
    • Corrective machining and rubbing of valve disc and valve seat faces required by metal contact seal valves are not necessary.